• Are you looking to change your career direction?

• Do you need a supportive but challenging peer to talk things through with confidentially?

• Are you struggling to make sense of your next steps?

Working with a Mentor can help you navigate through your options to determine a way forward that can lead to more sustained job satisfaction and a sense of personal value.

In my Mentor role, I thoroughly enjoy working with my Mentees, I get a real buzz from seeing people develop and find renewed energy and satisfaction. I am told that I am approachable, non-judgemental, wise, fun but always professional. In a Mentor/Mentee relationship, we work together to determine objectives, timescales, method of interacting and commercial arrangements.

As a mentee you can expect the following:

• Helping you identify gaps in your knowledge, experience and skills

• Encouragement and motivation

• Listening which respects your views and rights

• Establishing objectives and goals

• Providing constructive feedback.


I have worked with individuals over the number of years and some of their feedback is:

"You have always been open and approachable in your style and I have learned so much from you. Thank you for your innovation, challenge and support."

"I have benefitted from and am most grateful for the advice and support you have given me over the past couple of years. Your words of encouragement have always been timely and considered and have therefore meant so much."

"What a lovely surprise to discover that are you, in fact, approachable, enthusiastic, warm and encouraging – an inspiration to those around you."

Changing career direction?

Need support?

Want more job satisfaction?


"If you're not sure where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else."